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When picking a gift for your special persons, you always try to put your best foot forward because it has to be special and it must be something you’d love for yourself. Your hopes would be that it would bring excitement to the recipient. So, why is gift picking such a daunting task? 

Because every present you give sends a message, it communicates something, and therefore you have to try your best to make sure it communicates just what you want to say. Great birthday present ideas can touch the recipient with a sense of thoughtfulness that can strengthen the relationship going forward.


Here is a list of thoughtful birthday present ideas that would be perfect for everyone.


1.     The Levitating Moon Lamp 

Lighting has traveled a mighty long journey from the traditional yellow lamp shades to super advanced design and functionality as is with this Levitating Moon Lamp, that would make for an excellent birthday gift for anyone. Besides the amazing function of lighting the room, this lamp is a great accessory for any décor including office! And there’s almost nothing as relaxing as gazing at the perfect representation of our only natural satellite.

As the leading Levitating Moon Lamp in the market, this device uses authentic NASA satellite imagery and fuses it with super advanced 3D technology to accurately represent the surface of the real moon including the craters! It gracefully rotates midair quietly. It’s more than charming!.

It tops this birthday present ideas list because of its ability to create such a relaxing atmosphere that would be welcome by anyone including children who want something mystical to gaze at before knocking out.


Birthday present ideas for boyfriend Levitating Moon Lamp


2.     The Galaxy Projector

You can’t ship your loved ones to the stars? No problem! You can bring the stars and the entire galaxy to them with this brilliant Galaxy Projector that makes for one of the most unique birthday present ideas. It’s an advanced holographic creation. Petit, but mighty with the power to project the most realistic crisp clear stars like you’ve never seen before, all inside your home.

What’s more, it’s voice controlled and therefore super convenient. It can be controlled through the app that can be downloaded from either the app store or Google play, and then synced with Alexa and Google Assistant. Thus, you just prompt Alexa and instantly you’ll have stars, constellations, galaxies and even clouds in your ceiling.

Gift this simple yet sophisticated home planetarium to someone special and you will be their star.


Galaxy Projector by Galaxy Lamps

3.     The Galaxy Lamp

This is one of the most dreamy birthday present ideas for wife or partner that wants some captivating beauty of the night galaxy light indoors. It’s such a soothing gift idea for the bedroom, it would make the nightstand stand out during the day, and offer such a velvety mood at night.

The Galaxy Lamp is ultra-carefully crafted using authentic high-quality NASA satellite images of the galaxies. It has that rugged surface perfectly replicated, and the details are dazzling. Your loved one will enjoy 16 different colours with 3 different modes, and get to enjoy magical light effects.

Tease them with this 3D LED Galaxy Lamp and change the ambience of their nightlife.


Birthday present ideas Galaxy Lamp



4.     Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you were thinking about the best birthday present ideas for boyfriend or your man, then you got it! This smart mug is designed for both home and office. You know cold coffee isn’t so sweet, gift him this brilliant mug, it permits setting the ideal drinking temperature. 

So, once the temperature is set, the mug will indicate when the beverage has reached his desired temperature. It doesn’t stop there. It will intelligently turn off or on as it maintains the beverage temperature. Can you think of anything cooler?

And it keeps getting better. It has a downloadable app meaning you can control the temperatures straight from your smart device. It can then keep maintaining the temperatures for up to 1.5 hours; it’s totally safe to clean it with water and comes with a charging coaster.  It’s a perfect birthday gift!


Temperature Control Smart Mug

Source: Ember



5.     Backslash Fit Smart Yoga Mat

More likely than not, someone that would love this has already popped up in your mind. For yoga lovers, yoga is more of a lifestyle than just an activity. And this is another great birthday present idea for girlfriends or special women in your life, that love yoga. 

While you might not be in a good financial corner to send them on a retreat in Bali, you can stun them with this little Namaste-themed birthday gift.

This smart mat is a latex-free and PVC-free high quality gift. It’s super thick and cushy and would still make for one of the best birthday present ideas for mom since her delicate knees, wrists and elbows will remain well cushioned. 

This smart mat rolls itself back when the Yoga session ends. So, this doubles up as a benefit since there is no need to get straps to keep it rolled as it does that automatically. Plus, it’s convenient to carry and store.

It also pairs with Amazon Alexa,  being accompanied by bonus yoga routines. No other mat can compete with that yet.


Fit Smart Yoga Mat

Source: Amazon




It’s possible that your mind is still stuck with the first 3 galaxy birthday present ideas, and why not? They are warm, thoughtful and very unique. They’re excellent for bringing that calming effect to your loved ones and they are also perfect for anyone irrespective of age. But whatever gift you pick, as long as it brings joy, helps create a relaxing environment and improves the quality of life, just get shopping.


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