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If you are reading this post and you’re thinking that it’s a bit too early to talk about the Christmas of 2020, I think you are among the few who believe this.....

As you know, this year everything is so different and upside down that people really need and want to return to a certain normalcy and happiness. And who could blame them? As the winter holidays are the ideal time to think and feel more positive and less “the world is ending”, the search for Christmas decoration ideas is much more intense than in the past.


This is a magical time, full of lights and wonders for all of us and even if we are not home decoration experts, we want to offer you a quick glimpse of how you can create a festive Christmas atmosphere. 

There are many things to think about - from Christmas tree to dinnerware to lights and everything else you need to decorate the whole house and even the garden… But before anything else……. 

Let’s jump right to the Christmas decoration trends for 2020.


Trends for Christmas Decoration Ideas in 2020

It’s no secret that the colors set the mood and when it comes to celebrating the special moments (especially in the cold season) is always a good idea to add something energizing, bold and warm to the pale and soft shades of gold, white and silver. 

While red and green are the traditional Christmas colors and still very popular this year, mixing them with other pastel or vibrant hues creates unique compositions.


Christmas decoration ideas-living-room-decorations                           
 Modern Christmas decoration ideas Christmas-living-room-decorations



Sure, everything depends on your preferences. And whether you use multiple colors or prefer a monochromatic theme, you can’t make any mistake with the Christmas decoration ideas you might have.

Colors that traditionally are not associated with Christmas such as gold, silver, white and gray are nowadays popular choices as they are associated with winter and snow. Sometimes, we can notice them dominating the whole design or they can be used just to bring a touch of glam. 

Also, as the color of the year 2020 is Classic Blue, a shade remaining of the twilight sky, you can use it to add a fancy element to your modern Christmas tree decoration ideas this year.


Christmas 2020 color trends classic blue

Source: InteriorZine

Christmas decoration ideas 2020


As this year is marked by the social distance, small parties, only with family members and the best friends will replace the big events. And this is perfectly ok for spending a cozy Christmas, full of joy, lights, wonders and hope. In fact, according to Pinterest’s 2020 holiday report, 7 out of 10 people say they're replacing the big holiday celebration parties with small gatherings this year.

Starting here, even the way to prepare Christmas dinner is somewhat different. At a time when everything seems to be changing, people are returning to the normalcy of their favorite traditions, such as cooking at home and baking Christmas cookies together.


But let’s start with the beginning.

The Christmas Tree, as it is the masterpiece of the Christmas decoration ideas.


Christmas Tree Decorations

 The first question that comes up is: when is the best moment to install your Christmas tree? Well, the answer depends on many things. But probably the most important aspect refers to the place of your living and the local traditions. 

For example, in the US the Christmas tree is eventually put just after Thanksgiving, while in Europe people usually put it up starting with December 1st and others on Christmas Eve. 

What kind of Christmas tree you have is another important aspect in establishing the moment of decoration. While the artificial trees can be installed and decorated long before Christmas, the natural ones are a little more pretentious.

Given that this year is characterized by "social distancing", many of you will probably not be able to go to a fir farm to choose the perfect Christmas tree. But that’s perfectly fine. Even if a real rich Christmas tree is everyone’s dream, you can also find many artificial trees that look very realistic. Besides, the artificial trees can be as beautiful as the natural ones if you know how to decorate them and follow some basic rules.


How Can You Improve Your Christmas Tree Appearance?

Maybe this is one of the most important questions 😊 and the main reason for many Christmas decoration ideas researches. No matter if you have a real Christmas tree or a faux one, it is the masterpiece of your winter holiday decoration. Therefore, it’s important not just to look good, but to generate the ambiance and that feeling of joy and happiness.

You can adorn your Christmas tree in countless manners. And even if you are not a professional interior designer or decorator, you can find the best inspiration. The chosen decorations should be in line with the color scheme and style decided for the upcoming Christmas. You might prefer a traditional style or opt for a modern approach.

If you have an artificial tree, fluffing it with no visible gaps is the very first thing and the simplest way to improve its look even without decorations.





Then you have to pick a color scheme or a theme to rely on, not just for your tree, but also for the whole house. 

You may be a fan of traditional Christmas decoration ideas, or like the minimalist or simple lines of the Scandinavian style. Or exactly the opposite, you may prefer the glamorous and bright style. 

Choose the colors and keep them consistent for the whole space. Starting with decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the living room, hallways, other rooms in the house and ending with the wrapping paper for your gifts, arranging the table for Christmas dinner, and the wreath on the door entrance, you create a dream story for you and your loved ones.

Add texture, dimension and depth to your tree with lights, balls, ribbons and various other ornaments. A well thought selection of baubles - small, large, extra large enhances instantly its look. 


 Red and gold christmas tree decoration ideas

Source: JennaKateathome


Adding ribbon is some other manner to make your tree look amazing and to uplift its decorating to the state of the art.

Ribbons come in a whole array of textures and nuances, and are an amazing way to add depth, elegance and beauty. From burlap to silk, organza and velvet, the possibilities are almost endless. You just must pick them and use them according to your main decoration theme. 


ribbon-christmas-decor-ideas - blue ribbon

Source: JennaKateathome

 Red and gold christmas tree decoration ideas with ribbon

Source: Bcmio


Besides the standard ornaments and baubles, there are many other items you can use to decorate the Christmas tree. As the only limitation is your imagination, you can use, for example some artificial flowers, such as faux roses, poinsettias, or evergreen branches.

Small birds, critters and other animals and also pictures are some of the items that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree, add texture and fill any gaps.


Christmas decoration ideas faux rose

Source: JennaKateathome


White Christmas tree decoration ideas

Source: JennaKateathome


 Several strands of lights of different sizes and sometimes different colors can have a beautiful effect, making your tree not only shine during the dark evenings but also have a dream effect on the whole house. 

In addition, imagine you could pair all the traditional Christmas lights with a star projector or a Galaxy lamp and have an amazing Christmas night under the starry dark sky. 


 Galaxy Lamp Christmas


On the other side, if you want to make an excellent impression and you are not exactly sure your decorating skills are up to the challenge, opt for a flocked tree. This is covered with a sparkling  white mixture, that imitates the fresh snow and offers you a lot of room for getting creative. 

The flocked Christmas tree already has a great look and decorating it is a breeze.

Use the flocking tree as the core element of inspiration of a snowy Christmas theme and combine other mild and light colors to create a romantic tree or bold colors for a vibrant winter feeling. To produce the snow effect, employ some faux fur garlands and ornaments in pale colors.


White christmas tree decoration ideas flocked tree with silver pearl-ornaments

Source: Digsdigs

White Christmas tree decoration ideas flocked-tree-withgold-ornaments

Source: Christmas365greetings


When decorating your tree, it’s important not to stop there, but to keep the overall look cohesive by repeating the same colors in your gift wrapping and mantel décor. Also, cover the tree base with a blanket or tree skirt. Or put the tree inside a decorative collar or basket for a tidier look.

Also, for a really professional and high-end look atmosphere, it’s important to match your gift wrap and gift boxes to your Christmas tree decor.


Match the wrapping papaer with the Christmas tree

Source: NatalieLangston

Modern Christmas tree decoration ideas

 Source: Christmas365greetings


Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas decoration ideas don’t deal just with the tree. As some of your favorite and dearest holiday memories happened around the holidays’ dinner table as you enjoyed the company of your family and friends, decorating the Christmas table is just as important as decorating the rest of your house.

A standout dining table will not only impress your guests, but it's also an opportunity to give them a taste of your creative skills. After all, setting a holiday table doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming. Floral arrangements, Christmas balls on a table or in small transparent pots, runners, Christmas plates and napkins are objects that may be put together for creating gorgeous Christmas settings.

 Candle Christmas table decoration


christmas table decoration



Sure, in terms to Christmas table settings, it's not just the plates, candle-holders, and silverware that should be impeccable and sparkling. You want the company and the conversation to be just as enjoyable and engaging! 

Fortunately for you, our best Christmas table setting ideas are so amazing, that they can be the starting points of the discussion themselves and can be the beginning of a pleasant evening for your guests. From classic red-and-green colors to a simple Scandinavian theme strengthened with candles, there's an element for Christmas table decoration to catch the eye of the most picky and critical members of your family. 

 Christmas table decorations


Holiday Christmas table decoration



 In addition, succulents have become lately more than just those adorable small plants that sit on desks and tables. With all the tempting and beautiful options available, they’ve become some of the favorite pieces for Christmas decoration ideas. These holiday plants have been around for a few years now, but they are just as magical as ever.


Source: Goodhousekeeping


But you should not stop here. 

Use your imagination and consider creating your own handmade greetings and name cards, table runners from garlands, light decorations from floating candles, and wonderful centerpieces to make your holiday dinner a cheerful time for each and everyone on your guest list.


Kitchen Decorations

Christmas decoration ideas 2020 came up with original options. Your kitchen decorations don’t have to be overly complicated or too expensive. Even if it's the most utilitarian room in your house, it is also the heart of your home and you'll be spending lots of time there this season, be it cooking and hanging out with loved ones

It’s worth noting that they have to match with the decoration style of your house, regardless if you opt for a traditional style, a modern or a minimalistic one, with monochromatic or multicolored lights.

For the kitchen decorations try ribbons and bows in the matching colors of the decor plus the Christmas colors green and red. Add natural pine tree branches, small balls,  wood toys, glass toys and whatever your creativity finds interesting.

 There's always room for a Christmas wreath on the cabinets, a beautiful garland, and some perfectly folded napkins. And if you really want to have the second Christmas tree in your kitchen, add a small one standing on a table or countertop; it shows that the kitchen also celebrates Christmas.


Christmas tree decoration ideas

Source: Countryliving

Christmas kitchen decoration

Source: Stylisheve

Kitchen for Christmas

Source: Stylisheve



 Christmas Lights

Without lights, Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas, there is no Christmas atmosphere or feel. As they are considered essential in Christmas decoration, they are used literally everywhere in the house to decorate not just the Christmas tree, but mirrors, doors, tables and even the exterior of the house. And we don’t mean just the electric one.

Candles are another category of sparkling Christmas decorations, with their serene and warm lighting mode. Thus, you can count on candles not just for the living room ornaments and Christmas table settings, but also for outside decorations. For example, insert a candle in a lantern. Looks spectacular!

Plus, you can put your creativity to work and conceive your own original candles decorations. Take some small balls, some fir branches, some fancy ribbon, candlesticks in the form and color aligned with your design and you will be amazed by the beauty of your creations. Not to mention some great memories if you involve your loved ones!

Bringing the creativity to the zenith you can employ a Galaxy lamp near the Christmas tree, in a balcony or porch, to add some spice to the whole festive atmosphere.  And merge the grandiose stellar universe with Christmas's charm.  


 Galaxy Lamps stars

Besides the traditional Christmas lights, what do you think if you’ll have a whole starry night sky atmosphere just for you? Inside and outside of your home, accompanied by your favorite carols.  Think about the Galaxy Projector, as a miraculous way to lead the Santa Clause straight to your home. 


Light-decorated houses look truly magnificent and send you into a fairytale world. So, you can use lights to decorate not just your tree, but also the windows, your house, your door, and even the trees and the small garden, if you have one in front or back of the house.



Source: Tulamama


 Take Away 

As you have already noticed in terms of Christmas decoration ideas there are a plethora of different styles, approaches and preferences. They are subject to various influences like traditions in that region, personal style and eye for aesthetics. 

However, the styles of Christmas decorations can be diverse and unique for everyone at the same time. And they may include trendy and glamorous ideas that will enchant and inspire you, whether it's the first year you decorate your house or you already have a rich Christmas decorating experience. Just try to somehow forget all the madness of 2020 and relive the joy of normalcy and have a serene Christmas.

The most important thing is to decorate your home in your preferred colors and try Christmas decorations ideas that will fit with the interior layout of your home. 


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