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“Space…. the final frontier”. Perhaps the most famous words that made us dream of traveling among the stars and discovering new worlds. For others, the borderless space of the Universe is just an ocean of emptiness. No matter how we consider it, it’s hard to deny the fascination, mystery, and curiosity we feel every time we think of the vast darkness that surrounds our planet. And a star projector can make us have the same emotions over and over again but in the most comfortable way.

So, instead of looking for wide astral displays in special locations, why not bring all this infinite space closer to you? why not admire the beauty of the starry sky from the depths of the waters.... but in your room?


Probably the main reason for which we created the Galaxy Projector was to give you the ultimate way to light up your space and bring the Universe into your home every night ... and day.

This ingenious lamp is a groundbreaking holographic projection. With small sizes yet powerful, that turn your home into an impressive planetarium, including the music and light effects that a real one entails. But how to use it? And why is it so special?

If you want to learn more about our star light projector and how to choose the best product for you or your loved ones, keep reading!


What Is a Star Projector?

It is a fancy device that projects spotlights from a matrix and when it strikes a surface, simulates galaxies, constellations of stars, nebulae, or the starry sky viewed from the depths of the oceans. The models they design usually come with a “suggested age” designation, but ultimately, it all depends on your style and preferences.

Based on their usability and end user characteristics, here are some particular features of a star projector lamp:


Projectors for babies/kids

These dedicated models have stylized or interesting designs, such as, for example, a spaceship, or astronauts. You can use them as a night light, to enhance a child’s creativity or curiosity, and are designed more for entertainment purposes, projecting imagery that kids might consider relaxing, inspiring, or appealing.


Projectors for teenagers/young adults/adults

No matter what level of stress you experience, like it or not, it affects both your sleep quality and life in general. And due to their soothing sounds, any kind of projector will help you chill out and sink into a restful and relaxing sleep.

 Along with these benefits, galaxy projector lamps for teenagers and grownups usually come with quality speakers. Therefore, they are not only a realistic way to enjoy the intergalactic world, but also an amazing detail that will turn any themed party, relaxing evening, or romantic dinner into truly special moments.


Professional projectors

These types of star projectors can be used practically by anyone, especially by lovers of intergalactic adventures and space enthusiasts. They usually offer more detailed patterns and better clarity. 


Besides, some models have adjustable features, such as improved graphic accuracy or the option to choose specific elements, like planets, constellations, nebulae, or combinations thereof. 


These professional devices can be excellent tools for learning and some of them might not be so costly as you would imagine.


GalaxyLamps star projector


Why Is the Galaxy Projector by GalaxyLamps a Premium Choice?

When we created the Galaxy Projector, we didn’t want it to be another “star shower motion laser light projector” on the market. We conceived four inspiring lighting modes to flood your ceilings and walls with exciting combos of blue, green, red, and white. 

The solid or multicolor ocean waves lighting effects, with star lights that project a field of drifting stars (just like in the real-life ones), will hypnotize every guest or family member.

By simply connecting your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, or by plugging in your USB flash drive with the favorite music into the port, you combine our constellations with your loved tunes and immerse yourself in the starry night that surrounds you!


With the included remote control, you quickly adjust volume, the 360° rotating dynamic projection with 10 colors, LED stars and the plethora of lighting modes. And also all the other features that help you set up the scene for an amazing intergalactic bliss. Plus we don’t stop here.

Be prepared for the new Galaxy Projector! Besides the improved quality, it will also feature smart technology - our branded app controls all the features from colors, brightness, rotating speed, timers, and more. 

But the game-changer with the new version of our star projector is the full integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which allows you to be creative with your stories about the new adventures in the vast space of the Universe.


Is the Galaxy Projector Safe?

Yes, our Galaxy Projector is 100% safe both for children and adults of all ages. It is made from 100% eco-friendly PLA and has been RoHS and CE certified to prove it.


How Do You Charge the Galaxy Projector?

The Galaxy projector comes with built-in rechargeable batteries and a universal USB cable to charge it. So, you can easily connect it with your computer, tablet, or phone.



How Do You Use a Star Shower Projector?

Don’t think of this projector just as a replacement for the regular sleeping lamp for your children or family members. Although it is excellent for creating a peaceful atmosphere of a quiet and relaxing night under the starry sky, there are many other fun, exciting and unique ways to use the Galaxy Projector. Here are a few of our favorite examples:


How do you use a star light projector


Learning tool – Do you remember the time when you were a child and had great and exciting moments visiting a planetarium? The joy, interest, and curiosity you experienced in discovering the mysteries of the Universe?

Then why not give the same delight to your child? Use the star projector with constellations to set up your own planetarium at home and give your kid, friends, and family an unforgettable way to spend time together and learn new information about planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, how they formed and evolved in the Universe, etc.      


Themed games – Is your kid a Star Trek or Star Wars enthusiast? Intergalactic adventure doesn't have to be just in movies. 

Why not dive in a space escapade together? Turn on the Galaxy Projector, set up the scene, get ready, put on your seat belts and .... engage! Travel together and discover the secrets and the riddles of the Universe. Land on various planets and discover amazing civilizations. For sure, you'll not just have fun, but also spend quality time with your small ones.


Ambient light – let’s imagine this: you want to organize a romantic dinner, a party with your friends, or to celebrate a special event. You prepare everything: food, location, drinks, music, maybe an engagement ring, sent the invitations.

But… what about the lights? Of course, you can use candles and the regular incandescent light or disco balls, but none of them will create the same eclectic atmosphere as the Galaxy Projector. Turn it on and mesmerize your guests with a romantic and astounding ambiance.       


Relaxationuse the star projector night light to add a unique touch to your bedroom, living room, or any other room in your house. Set up your favorite lighting pattern, and adjust the light mode and brightness. Combine it with your favorite music, take a glass of wine, then sit back and relax. You will feel how the fatigue and stress of the day will melt away as you submerge yourself in a relaxing starry atmosphere.


Ambient for light yoga and meditation – if you like to access your subconscious mind, but it’s difficult for you to relax, clear your mind and find your inner voice to guide you in the most important moments, Galaxy Projector may be exactly what you need. When associated with the appropriate sounds, it can be successfully used to create the perfect ambience for deep meditation or light yoga sessions.


Winter decoration – Do you remember the childhood stories with Santa Claus coming from the North Pole in his reindeer-drawn sleigh, full of presents for good children? The long nights when you stuck your forehead to the window and waited to hear the ringing of bells announcing one of the most exciting nights of the year?


Well, our Galaxy Projector helps you create the atmosphere of a serene and starry winter night. Play your dearest Christmas carols, decorate the tree, and place a glass of milk and biscuits so that Santa can regain his strength and be able to reach everyone.

These are just a few ideas on how to use Galaxy Projector to its full potential. Use your creativity and you’ll be surprised by everything you can do with a star projector.


How do you choose a star galaxy projector


How Do You Choose the Best Star Galaxy Projector?

Due to their different functionalities, choosing the right star projectors may not be a walk in the park. Generally speaking, you should consider the features you want to include and how you intend to use them.



An important aspect that you should consider is the overall size of the lamp, especially if you want to use it in the child's bedroom. 

In principle, models designed for adults are small in size and contain small parts that children can easily take out and swallow. You should also think about the size of the buttons. Children often have an easier time with bigger buttons, while adults can use smaller buttons. 


Charging Options

Most star and galaxy projectors connect to a wall socket. At the same time, some models come with a rechargeable battery and USB cable. If you use the USB cable, you can connect the projector to a mobile phone, computer, or even a tablet. However, most USB cables are short, meaning you will need to have the projector placed close to the charging source or purchase a longer cord.

If you opt for a model that comes with a rechargeable battery, it’s important to know how long it will last. A quality light projector should work for up to 10 hours, so you can sleep the whole night without running out of battery. However, some batteries can last up to 12 or 14 hours, which allows you to use the projector without charging it every day. 


Timer Settings

Do you like to use a star shower motion laser light projector all night long but hate the idea of wasting power as you sleep? Basically, the light projectors come with a timer letting you set the timer for a specific amount of time. This can range from 15 minutes to several hours and shut down as soon as it reaches that time limit. 

Some of the models suitable for parties and outdoor use have a timer of five hours or more, allowing you to enjoy the party all night long. 


Lighting Modes and Brightness Options

When you relax, meditate, listen to music or want to fall asleep, you want a light effect that does not disturb your senses. On the other hand, brighter lighting can turn your home into a planetarium or the ideal party place. 

Therefore, it is important to choose a projector that allows you to change the lighting modes and light intensity, depending on how you want to use it. 


Remote Control

Depending on the size, the projectors can be placed on a bedside table, on a shelf, on a table, or directly on the floor, in the case of larger and heavier projectors. If you can't place it directly next to the bed, you'll have to move around every time you want to change its settings. Those that come with the remote control give you the freedom to adjust the settings remotely.


Galaxy projector effect

Still vs. Rotating Displays

When you're looking for a night projector, you'll probably read the terms still display and rotary display, both referring to the moving capability of images (still or moving).

 A projector with a rotating display will move the images across the camera and throw them over the ceiling and walls, while those with a still image will project the imagery onto a specific area. Depending on what you want, it might be helpful to look for one that includes both modes.


Design Patterns

As they can have realistic or stylized images, you should also consider this characteristic when deciding to buy a projector lamp. 

Those with realistic images will include planets, groups of stars, and constellations that are the same as the real ones, giving you the feeling of being in a planetarium. The lamps with whimsical images include aliens flying in spacecraft or astronauts interacting with stars, being fun, and more appropriate for children than for adults.


Ease of Use

Last but not least, the general ease of use of the galaxy projector. Some of the models now available on the market require several steps for setup and assembly, and this can be uncomfortable for you. Unless you feel confident in your assembly skills, you may prefer one that is already assembled and ready to use.


A brief comparison of the GalaxyLamps Galaxy Projector with other products on the market



Galaxy Projector


360° rotating dynamic projection



10 colors



Multiple lighting modes



Adjustable brightness



Stars, galaxies, nebula and ocean waves projections



Remote control



Universal USB input (computer, mobile power, phone adapter)



Bluetooth Wireless Speaker



Material: 100% eco-friendly PLA



Safety: 100% safe for people of all ages, with RoHS and CED certifications to prove it



Quiet operation



100% satisfaction Guarantee



International Shipping





Take away

If you want the best option for you and your family, there are many things to consider when choosing your stellar projector. Think about what you intend to use it for, how long you want it to work, and what other features you want it to have included - from brightness and light modes to displays and other integrated apps.

We hope this information made you eager to buy the best star projector for you. Our Galaxy Projector answers all your desires, no matter if you want to buy it for yourself or offer it as a gift. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly and passionate experts will offer all the information you need.


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