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Whether you celebrate Easter as a secular or religious holiday, it’s a great holiday to show love and share gifts especially with your little ones to make unforgettable memories. And after a rough year, no one will blame you if you go overboard with bigger baskets and impressive Easter gifts for kids this year.

Even though Easter basket gifts for kids often tend to be small, this Easter everyone will be looking for whatever that can add an extra dose of liveliness, fun and joy into the world. 

So, there will probably be bigger gifts with more emphasis on things that are thoughtfully created to enhance development and educational aspects of your child’s growth process.

And this article has put together a clever and unique collection of well thought out Easter gifts for kids that will be worth every dime. Some gifts are small yet are such a huge hit while others are big and snugly to engage them even further. But one thing is for sure, none of these gifts are likely to be tossed out or boring any time soon.



Why Do People Give Their Kids Gifts for Easter?

Because they love them and it’s simply another excuse to gift them without guilt.


These are some of the best Easter gifts for kids for 2021:



1.     The Galaxy Projector


Easter gifts for kids the Galaxy Projector


If you’re looking for a gift that will keep on giving and will create the same thrilling effect over and over again, then here is just the perfect Easter gift for your little one. You can consider it a sleeping aid that helps calm your kids, or as something that will occupy their little minds if they wake in the middle of the night, or even as a perfect distraction from crying. 

For older kids, this is a great point to enhance their curiosity and create an interest in learning new things. Plus, it will last even up to several Easters.

This is a beautiful device that projects starry skies and nebula into your kids’ room creating a magical bedtime atmosphere. The constellations designed by this Galaxy Projector  will transform your kids’ room into a beautiful relaxing space. It tops this list of best Easter gifts for kids because of the brilliant features it offers.


Among its outstanding intelligent features we can count its Smart App and voice control through Wi-Fi. This means you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to control it and create absolute fun and excitement this Easter. All you need to do is to download the App from the App Store or Google Play to enjoy this smart feature and many more.  

It’s one of a kind among unique Easter gifts for kids thanks to the endless color options it offers through the RGB dial. And seeing how kids have a way of asking for more than one thing at once, this will allow them to pick up to 3 different colors at the same time. 

So, they will enjoy the thousands of stars, constellations, nebulae and crashing ocean waves in whatever colors they want and projected in the highest resolution possible yet. And to make things even better, this projector has adjustable brightness, so you can really create the ideal ambience for whatever you want for your kids. Including an Easter party.


This small but greatly impressive device also rotates. The Galaxy Projector disposes of a 360° rotating dynamic projection with an option of picking the desired rotation speed, adding to the versatility of use. The spring to come the nights will indeed bloom even from within the house thanks to this color filled Galaxy Projector. 

Other amazing features that you access after installing the Galaxy App include a scheduler and a timer. These characteristics help you choose your personalized settings to create a perfect mood lighting to match your kids’ wishes. And you can save all these settings for future use and simply activate them via voice or smart device whenever you need to.

This next generation device is portable, light and safe to use even all night long. You can carry it to the living area during your Easter party or dinner with ease. It’s made of durable material that doesn’t break easily and it’s magical effects will stay long past the Easter holiday.



2.     The Galaxy Lamp

Unique easter gifts for kids Galaxy Lamp


Not all Easter gifts for kids are created the same. Some have been crafted with the kids’ needs right at the heart and therefore you have to ensure you pick the best. And if your pick this Easter is this Galaxy Lamp, you have made a smart choice.

Designed by a world-class team of experts and with world class 3D printing technology, this lamp exploits authentic NASA photography and spectacular images to give it a stunning galactic look. And creates such a beautiful colorful vibe that your little ones will absolutely love.

Plus, they made kids' needs a top priority when they designed this lamp to help enhance all the good feelings of Easter.

It’s uber convenient because it also allows for brightness adjustment and is as colorful as the spring blossoms out there. Simply because it has up to 16 different colors that are all child friendly and 3 different lighting modes.


It’s a LED light device that produces a calming galactic glow with little to no heat.  This makes it safe for your kids to enjoy it throughout the night if they need to. The Galaxy Lamp is made with eco-friendly material that’s also durable. It has a rechargeable battery that fully charges after only 2 hours,  but lasts up to hours, as one of the best  shiny Easter gifts for  kids. The lamp is portable and allows you to use it even outside if you want to.

And something else to seal the deal on this gorgeous lamp is the chic design of the wooden base. It’s really unique and makes it stand out as one of the best Easter gifts for kids


3.       Squeakee the Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog

Easter is a special holiday because it falls right at the peak of spring. A season of rebirth that brings so much back to life. And for most kids, pets sound like a lovely idea, but the thing with real pets is that they’re truly not for everyone. These fluffy friends need lots of care and time to nurture them. Hence here is a pet that will not require any of that.

Squeakee is the answer to a pet desire without the commitment of “parenting”. It makes for a unique Easter gift for kids this year. It’s an interactive dog made of balloons that can be “fed” and “trained”. The toy is completely inflated with a personality that mimics the real puppy. This funny and playful toy responds to your kid’s voice making a sound and moving around.


As a cute “dog” that respects itself, it sits or stands and gets happy when you tickle its tummy or pet its head. It comes with a range of accessories to help your kids make the most of it. 

For instance, there is a pump which, when placed in its nose, you can hear him inflate, and when it’s full it “eliminates gases”. It comes with its own toy that your kids can use to train it to sit.

The new best friend of your kids  has over 60 voices and sounds with touch activated actions that make it one of the best Easter gifts for kids that will blow your minds away and you kids will absolutely love.



4.     Art2theextreme Crayons

Art2theextreme Crayons where to find cheap easter gifts for kids


As the name suggests, these are not regular crayons, the creators have taken it to a good extreme to give your kids something colorful and ideal for this Easter. These are crayons custom made for kids. They have been crafted by hand and they come in more than 680 different designs and shapes and each dispose of  multiple colors.

No wonder they’re called the original rainbow crayons. As they are offered in a variety of  sizes they’re great Easter gifts for kids of age two and beyond. They also come in custom made rainbow rocks, letter names, mini doughnuts and much more.

Add this to your Easter basket and you’re guaranteed that the kids will be excited to create an entire rainbow in a single draw.


5.     Jump In' Puzzle Game

Jump In Puzzle Game


Easter gifts for kids cannot be complete without at least one problem solving game. After all, this list is all about wholesome Easter gifts for kids to last beyond the holiday. And this game is simply one of the best.

It has 60 challenges ranging from easy to expert and it’s played by drawing a card. Setting up the pieces depends on the card’s challenge and then directing the bunny piece over other animals and holes.

This game will entertain your kids and keep them busy, and it will also teach them some special skills such as using logic and strategic planning. It’s ideal for age 7 and beyond.


6.      Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

If there is something the past 12 or so months have taught the world, is that a paradigm shift in more use of technology in future is literally inevitable. So, you might think that the kids already had enough screen time during the past year. 

But this also means that as we shift together with the rest of the world, it’s about time your child gets a tablet of their own. Besides games and entertainment, this is a great tool for studying.

Why is it listed among the best Easter gifts for kids? Because it’s specifically designed just for them. It’s very fast and it’s battery life lasts 20% longer and the type of pre-installed content  is all dedicated to kids. It comes in pink, blue and yellow colors.  It comes with a child-proof case to shield it from drops. Your child will definitely love something different this Easter.


7.     Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit

Best easter gifts for kids Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit


Here is a simple way to have your kids spend some time playing outside this Easter. This kit contains waterproof art items and stickers as well as rock transfer designs where older kids can paint the rocks and hide them for the younger ones to hunt for them. It’s simple and fun and involves everyone.


8.    Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Grow-The-Fun Garden to Kitchen

Grow-The-Fun Garden to Kitchen

It’s the spring holiday. Get them their own vegetable garden and a kitchen where to do various activities with those fruits and veggies. As one of the best Easter gifts for kids this year, this ensemble is a win-win for you and your kids. For you, well, won’t you get some time to put your feet up when they’re busy gardening?

As for the kids, they get to benefit from the more than 120 featured phrases, songs and sounds they listen to while they play.


9.     ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl

ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl

Is your tots almost or into the crawling phase? Then this is just what they need. This SoftZone climb and crawl helps toddlers develop these essential skills when they pull themselves up to climb. It's like a big toy but very functional and fun. So, if you didn’t want the Easter basket gifts for kids, then now you have another more creative option.

The 5 pieces that make it a complete set are built in colorful foam wedges to give your child that exciting and safe way to learn and grow.


10.    Springtime Wheelbarrow


Springtime Wheelbarrow


Easter is more about the outdoors. Thus, Easter gifts for kids should therefore include something to help the young ones have fun outside. And this Springtime Wheelbarrow is the perfect treat for your kids this Easter.

It’s attractively built with large wheels, a handle that’s easy to grip and an attractive basin that your kids will enjoy carrying the hunted Easter eggs in. So, instead of the traditional basket, you can double up this gift by filling it with your ideal Easter gifts for your kids.


11.    Maxx Bubbles Bubble N Go Mower


Bubble N Go Mower


Keeping with the same outdoorsy theme, add some bubbles and make the upcoming Easter holiday fun packed. This makes for one of the best Easter gifts for kids because it encourages role playing which is great for every child’s cognitive growth.


They will be kept busy as they pretend to be adults while getting mesmerized by the bubbles. These bubbles are non-toxic and have been made with purified micro-filtered water, meaning they contain zero phthalates or kathon.


12.    Organic Wooden Egg Shakers

Organic Wooden Egg Shakers

Easter gifts for kids must have something for the babies too. As such, this beautiful and colorful smooth wooden egg-shaped shaker is great for your baby. It’s safe because it’s made of natural wood while real dried organic beans are put inside to create a cheery sound that’s great for holding the baby’s attention.

Once you buy this kit, you get 2 egg shaped rattles. They come in different bright and child friendly colors that will help in visual stimulation to help them develop acuity.


13.     Superhero Bunny Stuffed Animal 

Superhero Bunny Stuffed Animal

Sometimes Easter gifts for kids must feature a bunny because well, it’s Easter! But what if you took this a notch higher and got a superhero bunny? Heighten their imagination with this award winning toy.

It’s a soft white bunny with sewn on cape, mask and belt. This bunny will not only be a really unique Easter gift idea, it’s bound to keep your kids creative and imaginative as they create situations where their little super hero will save the day.


14.      Grow n' Glow Terrarium

Grow n' Glow Terrarium

With the gardening season here, how about bringing real life to their Easter with this terrarium that will help them learn first-hand about the life cycle of plants? 

This DIY ecosystem includes a plastic mason jar, wheat-grass seeds, organic chia, decorations, glow in the dark  forest stickers, a blue decorative lid, potting mix, glowing sand, river stones.

And plant mister to water their plants as they  explore the botanical world at a level they can easily understand. Activities involved include planting, watering and growing their own terrarium.

It’s a great DIY project that glows in the dark. It’s great for kids from age 6 and above.


15.      Veggies Play Food Set

  Veggies Play Food Set

It’s pretty difficult to separate Easter from the spring fest vibes. When you hear about carrots or beets you might think of a bunny, but this is another set of best Easter gifts for kids. It’s a veggies set that includes organic carrots, onion bulb, local beet, leek, and heirloom radish. It also has a gorgeous little cotton drawstring bag to carry their veggies in.

This local farmer inspired play items are crafted from hickory, cherry and maple woods. They are topped with a non-toxic clear finish to ensure your child’s safety while the stems and leaves are made from pure cotton.

They use different wood variations including the tiny knots to get unique Easter gifts for kids.


16.    Banwood Bikes First Go Balance Bike

First Go Balance Bike unique Easter gifts for kids

There’s nothing kids love more than freedom. And this Easter you can give them some independence with this vintage designed bike that boasts of safety and comfort. The best Easter gifts for kids must offer them a sense of achievement, and this bike makes for that kind of gift.

It will help them develop balance and steering skills. It’s made with a child friendly frame and handlebar with an adjustable saddle to adjust to your child’s size and ensure comfort. 

The saddle is also created from faux leather which makes it ideal for all types of weather and makes it easy to clean. It has a wicker basket, so if you want to make this Easter gift even more special, you can fill this basket with other smaller gifts. 

The handle bar and the handlebar height are adjustable. The ergonomic seat ensures absolute comfort. It’s a great Easter gift for kids of 2.5 to around 5 years. 



17.    Palm Springs Playhouse

Palm Springs Playhouse

As one of the best Easter gifts for kids, this playhouse is about making playtime fun and memorable. It’s the perfect space to let their little imaginations run wild, and why not? It’s the season.

Playhouses not only keep your kids away from electronics, it acts as a blank canvas from where they can create a lot of make-believe scenarios with their own little skills. 

Here kids get the opportunity to engage their social and reasoning skills and thereby develop them. Sometimes rather than think of where to find cheap Easter gifts for kids, consider a long term gift that will enhance their growth and allow you some relaxing time too.



18.    Peek-a-Boo Bunny Water Bottle

Bunny Water Bottle


Personal Creations are exclusively creating this gorgeous water bottle for your kids to carry their water as they enjoy the spring weather outdoors this Easter. A bottle that’s decorated with a cute bunny and a carrot field is able to keep your tots beverages cool and they can enjoy their refreshment from anywhere.

It’s made of stainless steel and therefore reusable, has a straw and a child friendly easy handle. It’s also quite easy to wash so you’ll not have to worry about the straw getting moldy. 

It’s available in pink or teal and the thing that makes this bottle one unique Easter gift for kids is that you can personalize your child’s bottle with their name. It allows for up to 10 characters. Go ahead and hydrate them in style.


That’s it! 18 top Easter gifts for kids that little ones will absolutely love, from infants and toddlers to older kids and even teens. For instance, the Galaxy Projector would bring the cool to that teen Easter party. This list has taken the guessing out of finding the best Easter gifts for kids and what’s left is for you to make your choice or choices.


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