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Moon Lamp™

Moon Lamp


Always wanted to bring the moon closer to you? Turn your room into a NASA playground, with the ORIGINAL 100% authentic Galaxy Lamps™ Moon Lamp™!


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NASA Astronaut applicants have a 0.6% chance of being chosen. While becoming a real-life astronaut is unlikely for most of us, that doesn’t mean we can’t see the moon up close and personal! The Moon Lamp is a breathtaking addition to any household for you or that special someone. It's the perfect size to watch your space come to life through the magic of the night sky.


2 Colors, adjustable brightness, 3 different lighting modes

Material: 100% eco-friendly ABS

Charging Time: 2 hours with included USB charge

Working Time: Up to 10 hours battery life (or use while plugged in)

Size: 6 in - 15 cm in diameter 


Shipping Times

United States: 3-6 Days

UK: 5-15 Days

Canada & Australia: 5-15 Days

Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Netherlands): 5-15 Days

Rest of Europe: 10-21 Days

Rest of the World: 10-21 Days

    Moon Lamp™

    SAVE 30%

    Regular Price is $139.99

    Why the moon lamp

    It's perfect for any room


    No alien materials of questionable origin. Ever.

    Safe for the whole family

    Our lamps emanate little to no heat, and aren't prone to breaking.

    Chemical Free

    Just like the universe, our products are pure, natural, and full of possibility.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 159 reviews

    Product works great!!
    Charges quick and mine lasts 12 hours easy on full charge. Instructions were very vague though. If not fully charged will not last long. Seems to reach a full charge within a couple hours. Nice feature when I forgot to charge it I’ve used it plugged in too.

    This lamp is awesome.

    I was worried when I read some of the reviews - like the guy saying it doesn't look like the moon when lit up - DOES! And it's awesome. I plugged it in for about 2 minutes and it already held a charge - didn't test the charge very long, but I know some made comments that it doesn't work without being plugged in - mine does - works perfectly. The size is great- im glad I didn't go for the smaller - this size feels perfect to hold. The plug port is on the bottom and very small, so doesn't compromise the appearance of the glob - simple tap and it turns to either soft yellowish dusk glow or a more white peeked moon phase look. Turn the lights out and and you feel like you are holding the moon in your hands - pretty amazing. long as nothing happens malfunction wise in the next bit - im super super happy with this purchase. There is just something majestic about the moon, and having a mini size replica in my home feels incredible. It's beautiful.

    Such a cool gift

    Such a cool gift. My husband loved it. Perfect size and it has two settings, warm and cool. Only thing I wished is that it lasted longer. It goes out after about an hour being on full charge. Other than that it’s great

    Second one!

    This is the second moon lamp I’ve purchased. This lamp is everything. I have one at home and now I have one for my work office. People stop by my office all the time in awe of this lamp. The ambient light it provides is perfect and it looks just like the moon. The option of white moon or yellow moon is brilliant. You can adjust the intensity of the light with just a touch of your finger. Everyone who has seen my moon lamps immediately says “Where did you get that! I want one!” I’m about to order a 3rd to put in my little boy’s room. I can’t say enough good things about this lamp. If they need a spokesperson, I’ll travel the country selling these things, they are that amazing. Buy one and you’ll see. You won’t regret it, you’ll just want more.


    Gorgeous at night. I got this today and used it for my children’s room. She really loves it! Words fail me to describe how lovely it is.

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