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Mar 26 2021

What Makes the Levitating Moon So Fascinating? Or the Levitating Moon Lamp?

It’s right above us and close enough to visit. And you can see it daily in its different forms, yet, it never ceases to mesmerize and capture your breath whenever you see it. Our obsession with it has never waned. It’s the levitating moon. The full moon is the most...

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Mar 12 2021

Best Night Lights for Kids - Bedtime Should Be Fun

For most parents, bedtime is something to look forward to, both for their tots and for themselves. And healthy sleeping habits are of great importance for mental and physical growth of the kids. Therefore helping them develop a good napping habit will not only be a gift to serve them...

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Mar 04 2021

A Simple Guide to Minimalist Design

Monochromatic tones, clean lines, uncluttered spaces and simplicity are some of the concepts that come to mind when the word minimalist design pops up. And there’s nothing quite like the visual appeal that these designs offer. A minimalist design is all about doing away with the superfluous and pairing everything...

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Feb 26 2021

Top Unique Easter Gifts for Kids They Will Absolutely Love

Whether you celebrate Easter as a secular or religious holiday, it’s a great holiday to show love and share gifts especially with your little ones to make unforgettable memories. And after a rough year, no one will blame you if you go overboard with bigger baskets and impressive Easter gifts...

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Feb 19 2021

Spice Up Your Nights - Four of the Best Night Light Projectors

What better way to set the mood than by turning the lights down low? Did you know that human mood is very sensitive to light brightness? The dimmer lights have a way of lowering anxieties and stress and ushering in a relaxed state of mind. This is the same reason...

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Feb 12 2021

Still Undecided? Here Are the Best Easter Gifts for 2021

Easter is the first long weekend of the year that comes to rescue you from the seemingly never ending busy schedule after the New Year and the harsh weather between January and February. It’s already spring and this brings out something fresh in everyone, and often this marks the period...

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Feb 12 2021

Moonlight Your Way to the Stars with the Best Star Light Projectors

There are a few things as breathtaking as a luminous space filled with star light. For most people, stargazing has been something of interest since childhood. And if you’ve been looking for ways to enjoy the star lights, don’t poke your blanket with holes to mimic the stars or renovate...

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Feb 12 2021

Valentine's Day Decor Ideas: Celebrate Your Love with These Romantic Decorations

Even if Halloween, Christmas and New Year are the brightest holidays of the year, characterized by an impressive number of bright, beautiful and special decorations, but also a unique mood, there is another holiday whose festive potential is somewhat overlooked: Valentine's Day.  The most romantic day of the year allows...

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Feb 12 2021

Best Night Lights for a Relaxing Sleep

When it comes to the night lights, the days when they were just simple lighting fixtures used to illuminate the dark spaces of a house, gardens or to remove a child's fear of the dark are long gone. Nowadays, night lights have both a functional and an aesthetic role. Whether...

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Feb 12 2021

50 Romantic Gifts Ideas to Impress the Love of Your Life

You have a partner that’s a great listener, a great encourager and checks all your boxes. This person has been there for you through thick and thin, or if it’s a young love, they make you laugh, feel warm inside and they are your best friend. You are lucky! And...

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Feb 12 2021

Top Valentine's Day Gifts - Enjoy the Best Valentine's Day Ever in 2021

It’s almost here again, another Valentine’s Day to start planning the perfect way to celebrate your special person. And while romance is the theme of the season, it can also mean a time to show how well you know your partner, and this might not always be an easy task....

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Feb 12 2021

Holiday Shopping Guide to Enchant the Picky Persons

The holiday season is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to show the people in your life how much you care with your awesome gift-giving skills! This holiday shopping guide aims to help you find the perfect star-gazing person in your life who would love a galaxy lamp this...

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Dec 11 2020

Kids' Room Décor - Create a Sparkling Room for Your Little Ones

  Designing your kids room decor comes with a few challenges. The first challenge is that the little room occupants might have their own decorative ideas that they may want implemented.  And there is also the growth factor. These little ones don’t stay little forever, they’re still evolving, meaning their...

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Dec 04 2020

Affordable Interior Design Ideas and Tips from Experts

It’s possible to create a more lavish space that can elevate your home décor look without having to spend exorbitant amounts of your hard earned money. There are several interior design ideas that can offer you that luxurious fully completed look without breaking the bank. Technology has also enabled the...

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Nov 22 2020

Galaxy Projector: The One Sure Way to Bring the Stars Closer

At one point or another, we have all found ourselves gazing at the skies at night and enamored thoroughly by its magic that we wished it was something we could comfortably experience every day. Well if you ever had such wishes, then the new Galaxy Lamps’ Galaxy Projector is your...

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Nov 21 2020

Galaxy Star Projector - A Great Gift for Your Kid

“Want an ideal gift for your kid? Try a Galaxy Star Projector” – many parents hear such words these days. It might be strange for you….. but for sure, you should think about it if your child is a space enthusiast, loves space related legos or asked you too many...

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Nov 20 2020

7 Chic Home Decor Ideas To Style Your Space

A living space feels more homely when you make the surrounding reflect your personality. From the hacks you use to create the illusion of an expansive space to the pieces you use to accessorize, everything you do should all be about making that space a mirror of your style rather...

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Nov 19 2020

Zodiac Constellations - What You Need To Know

When you hear Zodiac constellations, it’s likely that the first things that come to your mind are the astrological horoscopes. So, let’s define the difference between astronomy and astrology first. Astronomy is the study of the universe, which means the stars, the planets, the galaxies, in a word the outer...

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Nov 18 2020

Great Birthday Present Ideas Valid For Everyone

When picking a gift for your special persons, you always try to put your best foot forward because it has to be special and it must be something you’d love for yourself. Your hopes would be that it would bring excitement to the recipient. So, why is gift picking such...

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Nov 17 2020

A Beginners Guide to the Solar System Planets

Where did the universe come from? Are we really alone out here? Is it possible to spot the galaxies with your naked eyes? Do we need sophisticated equipment to admire the wonders of the universe or can we do it from the comfort of our Earth? Well, indeed there is...

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Nov 16 2020

The Galaxy Lamp – A Fascinating Way to Explore the Universe

“John, it's late! Time to go to bed!” The child heard his mother's words sadly. He couldn’t count how many times he had to go alone in his bedroom, which, each evening, turns into his biggest nightmare. He sees monsters everywhere and strange creatures he is afraid of. And he...

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Oct 30 2020

10 Special and Unique Gifts For Your Loved Ones

While spending money on your loved ones brings more joy than buying a gift for yourself, picking the perfect gift can be quite hard sometimes, no matter the budget, or how well you know the person. This time, you don’t have to scratch your head anymore; this article has put...

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Oct 27 2020

A Simple Guide to the Moon Phases

The moon is the natural satellite of the Earth and the celestial star of the night. Each of us has admired at least once a superb Full Moon highlighting a marvelous scenery or a rising New Moon. The Moon phases together with the stars and clouds offer us very often...

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Oct 21 2020

Top 5 Best Home Planetariums for 2021

People have walked on the surface of the moon, sent probes out to outer space and planets and still continue to study the amazing outer space because its captivating wonder cannot be fathomed. And this is why others created the planetariums to bring the experience closer to our home. What...

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Oct 14 2020

Fantastic Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2020

If you are reading this post and you’re thinking that it’s a bit too early to talk about the Christmas of 2020, I think you are among the few who believe this..... As you know, this year everything is so different and upside down that people really need and want...

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Oct 09 2020

Travel Among the Stars: An In-Depth Star Projector Buying Guide

“Space…. the final frontier”. Perhaps the most famous words that made us dream of traveling among the stars and discovering new worlds. For others, the borderless space of the Universe is just an ocean of emptiness. No matter how we consider it, it’s hard to deny the fascination, mystery, and...

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Sep 30 2020

Best Gift Ideas That Are Always Appreciated

Finding that special gift for friends, family or the loved one can be hard — but it doesn't have to be that difficult. Even if everyone has their own quirks and interests, before you reach for the coffee maker, Starbucks gift card, or just throw some cash in a card,...

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Sep 23 2020

Gift Season Is Around the Corner: Fancy Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming! And like it or not, this year it will be different from all that we used to know. That’s why, maybe more than ever, it’s time to look for the best Christmas gift ideas that will make your loved ones happy. Stressed about the time? Don’t worry!...

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Aug 26 2020

Creative Uses For Your Galaxy Lamps

Did you know your Galaxy Lamp can be used for more than just a decor piece? Besides being the perfect gift for the stargazer in your life, there are some other very practical uses for a Galaxy Lamp. Today, we will look at a few creative uses for your preferred...

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Jul 23 2020

An In-Depth Moon Lamp™ Buying Guide

At Galaxy Lamps, we share a common love for all things intergalactic, from the brightest stars to the glowing moon and the awe-inspiring planets that orbit Earth. To show our appreciation for the galaxy, we have created our original and extraordinary Moon Lamp™. This innovative lamp is designed to resemble...

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